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FAQ - formation à la sécurité laser

  • Is the labeling requirement imposed by the labor code?
    No, the labor code does not refer to the concept of labeling. This notion is purely commercial. The labor code requires that "The employer ensures that workers exposed to artificial optical radiation receive information about potential risks associated with this type of radiation."
  • An obligation for the majority of companies
    The laser safety training complies with legal regulations. The French Labor Code (through R. 4452-3, R. 4452-19, and R. 4452-21) requires employers to take all necessary measures to reduce the risk associated with laser exposure and provide training to employees who may be exposed to lasers. Therefore, laser safety training is mandatory, just like other training programs that are subject to legal obligations, such as fire extinguisher handling, evacuation procedures, fire safety training, and so on.
  • What is the regulatory text that requires me to train my personnel?
    New obligations for employers (since Decree No. 2010-750 of July 2010) require ensuring the mastery of laser installation safety. For the use of laser devices above Class 1, laser safety training is necessary.
  • Which training should I choose for my staff?
    At first glance, the choice of training level may seem complex, but we have simplified it for you into 3 levels. Level 1: This is for a person who will be working with Class 1 to 2M laser devices, such as sensor lasers or lasers on a laser machine (excluding maintenance work). This includes operators, mainly. This format is offered via video conferencing and has a duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes. Level 2: This is for persons who perform maintenance on laser devices and/or handle beams with a laser class higher than 2M. This includes maintenance technicians, researchers, engineers, among others. This format is offered via video conferencing and lasts for one day. Level 3: This is for individuals responsible for ensuring laser installation safety on-site. This includes future Laser Safety Coordinators. Each company needs at least one person trained at this level to perform risk analysis and reduce risks associated with laser installations. This includes safety managers (or HSE), safety engineers, and more. This format is offered via video conferencing and has a duration of 2 days.
  • Inter or intra training: how to choose
    The differences between intra and inter-company training: Intra-company training is carried out for a single company only, and can be customized to your needs. The price is fixed and independent of the number of participants. The date can be chosen. Available in French or English, by videoconference or face-to-face Inter-company training brings together participants from different companies. The price is fixed per person. The date cannot be chosen at your convenience (one session available per month). Only available in French, by videoconference only. For more than 2 people, intra-company training is less expensive because the price of the training is independent of the number of people. A maximum of 10 people is allowed on in-company training courses.
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