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Our laser safety trainings

For operators, technicians, and personnel who work with a laser system or laser machine.

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Duration : 1/2 day

Formation de sécurité laser de base - Apprenez les principes fondamentaux de la sécurité lors de l'utilisation des lasers.

For technicians, laser system adjusters, and individuals who may be exposed to a laser beam.

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Duration : 1 day

Formation de sécurité laser avancée - Approfondissez vos connaissances sur la sécurité laser et les protocoles de prévention des risques.

For HSE managers, safety engineers, who will be laser safety coordinators within the company.

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Duration : 2 days

Formation de sécurité laser expert - Devenez un spécialiste de la sécurité laser avec des compétences avancées en gestion des risques et en prévention des incidents.

Our reviews

General appreciation


“Thank you very much for the quality of this training (the best use of video I have known)”


Why choose Laser Protect?

At Laser Protect, we emphasize three key elements that make us your best choice for laser safety training. Our commitment as a single contact, our expertise as a optical engineer, and our exceptional responsiveness ensure the safety, quality and peace of mind you deserve.


A single contact

Avoid complexity and surprises:
A single contact,
your trainer


Optical Engineer

High-level technical expertise:
qualified trainer in optical engineering



Your time is precious, which is why we are committed to responding quickly to your needs.

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