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nous sommes fiers de notre engagement envers la sécurité laser et nous travaillons dur pour fournir des services de haute qualité à nos clients. Vous pouvez compter sur nous pour être votre partenaire de confiance en matière de sécurité laser.

Our expertise

We are able to meet the laser safety needs of customers of all sizes and industries, from scientific research to manufacturing to medicine.


Solid technical knowledges taught in a top engineering school in optics



Compliance with EN 60825-1


Several years of experience : your trainer masters his subject 



Your satisfaction is our priority


Training entirely designed and adapted to the use of video

Possibility of customized training

The usefulness of video-training

we are here for you when you need us. We are available to meet your laser safety needs, regardless of your schedule or constraints.

Increased availability

An urgent training need? By eliminating travel time, we can train you in the shortest possible time

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A competitive price

By removing the costs of travel, the training benefits from a more attractive price

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Better attention

Contrary to popular belief, the attention of the trainees is higher than during a traditional face-to-face training



Reduction of the carbon impact compared to face-to-face training & possibility of teleworking for your trainees

At Laser Protect,
360° use of video training


A fun and interactive questionnaire, on smartphone, at the beginning and at the end of training to check if the training has been assimilated.



All our supports are designed specifically for remote use.  



Quality computer equipment, fiber internet connection and Microsoft Teams software for video training. 


  You can ask your questions orally or write in the chat room at any time and the trainer will answer your questions.

Did you know ?

For us,
ecology is important

When you participate in video training, you reduce your impact on the environment.

How much CO2 can we save like this?

It is considerable! The numbers prove it:

-The carbon footprint of a training course that brings together 12 participants from all over France is between 18 and 20 tonnes of CO2

-The annual carbon footprint for an itinerant trainer is more than 300 tons of CO2 (the equivalent of 67 times the emission of a French person per year)

Nous sommes engagés à réduire notre empreinte écologique lors de nos sessions de visioconférence en utilisant des équipements économes en énergie et en minimisant l'utilisation de papier et de fournitures de bureau. Nous utilisons également des plateformes de visioconférence éco-responsables pour minimiser l'impact environnemental de nos sessions.

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